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How to manage delivery times using ETA? New functionality in myTrack&Trace module in myRaben app

Time in the logistics industry is priceless. Both for logistics companies and customers, so information about the time of delivery of a shipment is crucial. It allows not only for effective management of deliveries, but most importantly of ongoing operations.

With this in mind, Raben Group has decided to introduce an innovative solution - a real-time shipment tracking tool based on the ETA parameter (estimated delivery time).

ETA, or estimated delivery time, is calculated based on the driver's current location thanks to a mobile device with GPS. Thanks to this technology, Raben as a logistics operator can accurately predict delivery times, even taking into account current traffic situations.

Raben Group customers can track the delivery time of a shipment in real time on the myRaben.com platform. There is information about the ETA parameter next to each shipment.

What's more, if the estimated delivery time changes due to the situation on the road, the system automatically updates the information and sends it to customers via electronic notifications. This is a very convenient solution thanks to which you gain certainty when a particular shipment will be delivered to its destination.

In the era of digitalization, flexible operation according to the changing situation in the logistics process becomes crucial. Therefore, using the ETA tool offered by Raben Group can significantly increase the efficiency and competitiveness of companies in the logistics industry.

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